USCIS is Responding Quickly to Service Request Inquiry

We have been posting about the on-going delays affecting numerous case types since October 2020.

However, it does seem from our end that things are improving. Notably, USCIS is responding expeditiously (if compared to what was the norm) to many of our service requests including for cases pending beyond the posted timeframe, missing notices and RFEs, and correcting typos and wrong information entered on notices. We note that the average response time during the month of March 2021 is under one week, with the fastest taking just 3 days. These quick responses from USCIS are not just simply a request to wait some more or that they needed more time to investigate. Almost all of our inquiries were resolved and fully answered.

It is therefore important to track case status online and review USCIS notices for discrepancies and typos. If an issue is discovered, take advantage of the faster response time and submit a service inquiry.