Update on the Receipt Notice Delays

Due to significant visa number movements in October 2020 which opened the door to a record influx of Green Card applications and the ongoing Covid Pandemic, USCIS has been slow in issuing receipt notices of petitions and applications. Even to this month, we have been receiving receipt notices for I485, I765, I131 that were filed in October 2020 although only a few remain outstanding.

The American Immigration Layers Association has reached out to USCIS and below is an update on the current progress as of January 29, 2021.

Dallas Lockbox

  • The Dallas Lockbox facility is currently still intaking Employment Based I-485 Adjustment of Status applications and stand-alone cases filed around October 29, 2020 and October 30, 2020.
    • ~415,000 applications/petitions in the processing queue awaiting to be receipted

Phoenix Lockbox

  • The Phoenix Lockbox facility is currently intaking cases of all form types filed in early December 2020
    • ~67,000 envelopes (constituting about 100,000 applications) in the processing queue awaiting to be receipted
    • Case types include DACA, N-400, I-90, H-4 I-765, I-751 (including employment based)

Chicago Lockbox

  • The Chicago Lockbox facility is current in terms of intaking cases
    • Receipting cases within about a week of delivery date