H-1B Processing Update

We are starting a new post to track the processing timeframes of non-premium H-1B cases. Please check out a related post on Fast H-1B Approval Without Premium.

Update 03/13/2023

This will also be posted in our Fast H-1B Approval Without Premium. Took less than a month adjudicate. H-1B transfer filed at the Vermont Service Center.

However, most H-1B amendments/transfers/extensions are still taking to 4 to 5 months.

Update 02/06/2023

Slight improvement in processing times. Some recent samples showing 5 months among extension cases which also include transfers and amendments.

Update 01/27/2023

Still at 6 months at Vermont involving extensions.

Update 01/20/2023

Some more sample approvals showing 6 month processing time frame for petitions involving extensions and requests for consular processing. No RFEs are involved.

Update 01/13/2023

Sample showing H-1B extension taking about 6 months to adjudicate at the Vermont Service Center. No RFEs.

Update 01/05/2023

Some recent samples showing approvals of H-1B extensions and transfers in about 6 months. Slower than the posted time frame of 2.5 months.

California hasn’t shown much slowdowns. Here’s a recent extension that took about 3 months, close to the posted time frame.

Update 12/27/2022

We received the final batch of approvals of the earliest filed extensions in 2022 that were still pending. None of them were subject to RFEs. Below is a sample that took 8 months. This stands in sharp contrast with the posted timeframe of 2.5 months at the Vermont Service Center. So don’t be alarmed if your extension is pending outside of posted timeframe. Ask your employer to initiate service inquiries when they become eligible to do so. And continue doing so when the required wait time has passed. Currently, our pending extensions are filed in June or later.

Update 12/13/2022

Here’s another H-1B extension approval that took longer than posted timeframe of 2.5 months. We have a few extensions filed in April that are still pending. The rest of the pending cases are filed in June or later.

Update 12/02/2022

Another sample H-1B extension that took longer than most. about 5 months.

Update 11/30/2022

Here’s an example of an H-1B extension that took about 6 months which is longer than the current average.

Most H-1Bs for the past couple of months have been adjudicated between 2 to 4 months for extensions, transfers, and initial filings.

Update 06/14/2022

Processing of extension cases has sped up somewhat. Below are some samples showing 2 months’ processing time.

Update 04/14/2022

The current processing time is about 3 to 5 months for extension, transfer, and amended petitions. Petitions subject to RFE will take longer.

3 months:

4 months:

5 months:

Update 03/17/2022

Processing time of H-1B is about 4-6 months. See examples below.

Update 01/21/2022

Processing time of H-1B extensions continues to stay at 4 months. See some examples below.

Note that H-1Bs subject to RFEs will take longer. Below are some examples. One is an H-1B1 extension and the other is an initial H-1B.

Update 01/07/2022

Processing time of H-1Bs remains stable at about 4 months. See some sample approvals below.

Update 12/14/2021

Some more sample approvals of H-1B extensions/transfers/amendments showing processing time of 3 to 4 months.

Update 12/01/2021

Below are some more sample approvals H-1B extensions/amendments showing processing time of 4 to 5 months. The last one also involved a Notice of Intent to Deny which we’ve successfully overcome.

Update 11/17/2021

Processing time for H-1B extension is currently quite stable. Here are some recent samples showing approval in about 4 to 5 months at the Vermont Processing Center.

Update 10/28/2021

Some recent examples of H-1B extensions that took about 4 months.

Update 10/25/2021

Below are recent examples of H-1B transfers that took about 4 months.

Original Post 10/08/2021

The processing time for H-1B extensions at the Vermont Service Center is about 5 months according to sample approvals below.