H-1B Lottery Results 2021

Update3 March 30, 2021

We are all bit shocked by the lottery results. Our selection rate is just over 20% which is a record low. I don’t believe we have ever touched 39% in all of the previous lottery years. So this made us pause a little and wonder what’s really going on with the registration this year. We’ve checked with clients who did the registration on their own and it seems like so far the rates are consistent.

The expectation was that the selection rate would be higher than normal given the Covid pandemic. Does this mean that there were more registrations than last year? quite shocking if true. Or, was there significant abuse of the H-1B program? really looking forward to USCIS releasing some key metrics.

Update2 March 30, 2021

At approximately 1 pm EST, USCIS sends out email that they have completed the registration selection process. Like last year, there may be hope for a second lottery selection to take place in August. If your status shows “submitted”, you’ll automatically be entered into this second lottery. Wishing lots of luck to all!

Update March 30, 2021

There have been no selection updates. We have already informed our clients who have been selected and are moving forward with filing prep.

AILA reached out to USCIS to confirm whether USCIS has completed the first round of registration selections, or whether USCIS will continue to make selections over the coming days. Although USCIS did not confirm either way, USCIS did inform AILA that the agency plans to send out formal communications to inform the public regarding if and when the selection period has closed and that stakeholders should see communications regarding this update from USCIS in the coming days.

Update March 29, 2021

We believe USCIS has completed masters cap exemption selection on March 27, 2021. If company received an email notification similar to the one below, it means that one of their beneficiaries has been selected. Company may log in to confirm and download the selection notice.

If you are our client, we will be contacting you to start the H-1B filing process if you are selected. You do not need to send us the selection notice.

We will be updating this page until selection results have been fully released.