USCIS Schedules and then Cancels Multiple Interviews Repeatedly

Update 10/29/2021

This is not over yet! The interview scheduled for 10/28/2021 was canceled on the date of the interview. We received a case update that a new interview date has been scheduled.

Original Post 09/29/2021

No one knows what’s going on but these things do happen from time to time.

Naturalization client attended the first interview in June 2021 and did not pass the civics test. That’s fine. He was looking forward to the second interview and trying again.

But, USCIS started confusing the heck out of us by issuing interview notices and then canceling them almost immediately. See the back and forth history below. One envelope included an interview notice, a cancellation notice, and another interview notice. Unbelievable!

Interview #2 Notice                     Issued: 09/14/2021          Interview date: 10/21/2021

Interview #2 Cancellation            Issued: 09/16/2021                         

*All three notices below arrived at the same time in one envelope

Interview #3 Notice                      Issued: 09/17/2021          Interview date: 09/29/2021

Interview #3 Cancellation             Issued: 09/17/2021

Interview #4 notice                       Issued 09/17/2021          Interview date: 10/28/2021