COVID Vaccination is Now Required for USCIS Medical Exams

Update Post 09/16/2021

USCIS releases policy guidance highlighting the following:

“..beginning October 1, 2021, applicants who are required to undergo the immigration medical examination must complete the COVID-19 vaccine series before the civil surgeon can complete the immigration medical examination and sign Form I-693.”

Original Post 08/31/2021

On August 25, 2021, the CDC announced that starting October 1, 2021 applicants for adjustment of status for U.S. permanent residence must complete the COVID-19 vaccine series and provide documentation of vaccination to the civil surgeon in person before completion of the medical exam.

This means that for those who haven’t been vaccinated, the time it takes to get their medical exam completed may take a month or longer (most vaccines require two doses separated by 21 days).