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Visitors / Students

Every year, the U.S. attracts visitors and students from all over the worlds. As a result of broad discretionary powers exercised by consulate officers, adverse decisions on a visitor or student visa are quite common. The firm specializes in preparing supporting documents to help obtain your visas.

Oftentimes, a visitor may change his/her mind after visiting the U.S. and decide to stay longer than originally planned in order to go to school and obtain the benefits of a U.S. education. Such request to change status is also met with close scrutiny by USCIS. As experts in these change of status scenarios, we can help you to file change of status application including supporting documents.

The firm also offers specialized services catered to students. Since the goal of most F-1 student is to obtain future employment and green card in the U.S., we frequently advise students on strategy – when is the best time to in obtaining OPT CPT, maintaining or change/ extend student status. Armed with knowledge and understanding of future immigration route, they are better equipped to find H-1B employment and

Please contact us as early as possible when conceptualizing your plans and goals so that we may identify the visa or immigration pathways that are most appropriate for your circumstances and plans.